Your New Business Cards.

THE BRIEF: Re-shift marketers’ focus back to a critical and foundational media that still works the hardest – direct mail. Convince marketers to make more room in their budgets for direct mail by demonstrating what direct marketing solutions from Canada Post can do for them.

THE SOLUTION: We designed a mailer that looks like a box of business cards. The recipient would see a personalized business card on top that not only shows their name, company logo and address from our database, but also a new, clearly superior job title: Global Chief Marketing Offi cer. Inside the box, along with a few samples of their new business cards, there is a short letter that explains how direct mail can help their marketing campaigns succeed – and as a result, help themselves succeed. A contact phone number is included, plus a URL that drives them to the Canada Post website for more information.
Winner: Merit - National Advertising Awards
​​​​​​​Client: Canada Post - National Advertising Awards 2012 - Merit
Art Director: Martin Dessureaux
Copywriter: Trevor West
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